Discover TS5: the revolutionary eco-friendly and high-performance trigger sprayer, thanks to a real pre-compression system.

Discover TS5: the revolutionary eco-friendly and high-performance trigger sprayer, thanks to a real pre-compression system.


TS5 trigger sprayer, developed by Guala Dispensing, is an all plastic sprayer with a patented pre-compression system, suitable for e-commerce.


At Guala Dispensing, a leading supplier of innovative plastic packaging, our commitment lies in designing sustainable and high-performing products. The TS5 trigger sprayer stands as a testament to our dedication, representing the best technology available in the sprayer industry today. With its patented pre-compression system, the TS5 offers exceptional performance while minimizing its impact on the environment.


What sets the TS5 apart? It’s the perfect fusion of three key features:


  • Real pre-compression: this feature allows end consumers to precisely dispense the product onto surfaces, minimizing waste and optimizing the cleaning process.


  • Eco-friendly design: our TS5 trigger sprayer is crafted using an all-plastic package with a high percentage of recycled materials. We have conducted a specific Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study to verify its reduced carbon footprint.


  • E-commerce suitability: our trigger sprayer has undergone rigorous testing and meets the requirements of ISTA6 SIOC and ISTA6 OB certifications.



Now, let’s delve into the detailed features of this revolutionary dispensing solution.


High performance, thanks to the real pre-compression technology

The TS5 stands out with its real pre-compression system, a globally patented technology that distinguishes it from other sprayers on the market. This innovative system generates greater internal pressure, resulting in a finer mist and more effective application. It enables users to precisely control the product dosage on surfaces, preventing wastage and optimizing the cleaning process. The incorporation of a special valve in the trigger chamber ensures a consistent spray without liquid fall-off or the formation of large droplets.

With the TS5, Guala Dispensing has enhanced the performance of pre-compression technology, addressing issues such as dripping defects that typically arose after a few weeks of use. Our new pre-compression valve ensures long-term performance and performs well in various conditions, improving both end users’ experience and sustainability, as it allows an ideal output thus avoiding wasting liquids.


Eco-friendly: an all-plastic sprayer with recycled materials

At Guala Dispensing, we prioritize sustainability, and the TS5 exemplifies our eco-conscious approach. It is made from 100% plastic, specifically using materials from the polyolefin family such as PP and PE, ensuring enhanced recyclability. Moreover, our standard trigger sprayer configuration has been designed to include up to 70% recycled plastics.

To quantify the environmental impact of the TS5, we conducted a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study. This study covers the entire life cycle of the product, from the extraction of raw materials to distribution. By reducing the direct use of fossil sources, the TS5 significantly lowers its carbon footprint, contributing to a circular economy. The LCA study showcased a remarkable carbon footprint reduction exceeding 20% when using recycled materials compared to virgin plastic. The use of recycled materials leads to improvements in other environmental categories. For instance, when comparing a scenario with 30% recycled materials to the reference one, results indicate an approximate 17% decrease in the impact on water resources.

The TS5’s sustainability extends beyond its materials and composition. Its compact design reduces its weight by 10% compared to its predecessor, resulting in decreased energy consumption during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the TS5’s durability and compatibility with refill use extend its lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste generation.


A trigger suitable for e-commerce

In today’s market, customers are increasingly purchasing a wide range of products, including home and personal care items, online. However, not all packaging solutions are suitable for online shipments. Our trigger sprayer is designed with e-commerce in mind and has undergone thorough testing.

The TS5 meets the ISTA6 SIOC and ISTA6 OB requirements and has received e-commerce certification, ensuring that the product has been tested for shipment in its own container (SIOC) or OverBoxing (OB) through Amazon’s distribution system.


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