2K single-dose vials: resealable packaging with spout protection

2K single-dose vials: resealable packaging with spout protection

Gualadispensing Pharma presents 2K single dose strips, perfect for ophthalmic and pharmaceutical liquid products. The cap protects the spout, minimising the risk of contamination.


2K single-dose vials: resealable packaging with spout protection

Gualadispensing Pharma, formerly known as Bisio Progetti, presents its 2K single dose strips, perfect for ophthalmic and pharmaceutical liquid products. This innovative product stands out for its unique feature – a cap that protects the spout, significantly minimising the risk of contamination. This development represents a leap towards safer, more reliable dispensing solutions for a variety of applications.


Not only eye drops: single-dose vials versatile applications

The 2K single-dose vials are designed for the precise and sanitary dispensing of pharmaceuticals, including drugs administered by drops or taken orally, like ophthalmic solutions and vitamin supplements. However, their potential uses extend far beyond the pharmaceutical realm, encompassing cosmetics, diagnostic applications, medical devices, veterinary solutions, and even surgical glues. Particularly noteworthy are their applications for ophthalmic solutions (eye drops), vaccines, and inhalation solutions, where precision and sterility are mandatory.


2K strips: Enhanced Protection Against Contamination

The hallmark of the 2K vials lies in their innovative cap design, that protect the spout. Engineered to avoid contact with any surfaces, this feature significantly lowers the risk of contamination, ensuring the purity and efficacy of the contained product.
Such a configuration also sets the main difference between 2K strips and similar products on the market.


Innovative Features and Customization of 2k strips

The 2K single-dose vials are not just about safety; they also boast:
● Tamper-Evident Cap: ensuring product integrity from production to application.
● Bi-Material Moulding and Colour Differentiation: as it’s made by 2 components, our strip can be produced with one material and colour for the vial and a different one for the cap.
● 0.5 ml dose available, and higher doses depending on demand.
● Resealability for Flexible Use: adaptable for either single or multi dose applications, tailored to the product and dose requirements.
● Customizable Design: embossed customization on the upper palette is possible, offering brands a chance to differentiate themselves, by means of a dedicated modification of the mould, while screen printing on the vial is made by the filler after completion of the filling process.
● Sustainability: Made from mono-polymer, Pharmacopoeia compliant material, with ongoing LDPE and HDPE validation. Both the cap and body are crafted from polyethylene (PE), a versatile, durable, and flexible plastic ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging.


Precision in Packaging: Injection Moulding

A key advantage of Gualadispensing Pharma’s approach is the use of injection moulding technology, which offers a higher level of precision, functionality, and control compared to traditional Blow Fill and Seal methods. This technology ensures maximum dose accuracy, waste reduction, and the creation of smooth orifices that allow for safe dispensation near sensitive areas, such as eyes or mucous membranes.


A Comprehensive Solution for Pharma Packaging and Filling

As a full-service Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), Gualadispensing Pharma, formerly known as Bisio Progetti, offers state-of-the-art packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries. The new 2K single-dose strip has been showcased for the first time at Pharmapack Europe 2024, highlighting its dedication to innovation and safety in packaging.
Operating under continuous cycle production in ISO 5 and ISO 7 clean rooms, the company upholds the highest standards, evidenced by its certifications according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6. This dedication to quality ensures that its products, including the new 2K single-dose strips, meet the rigorous requirements of the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics and food industries.
The introduction of the 2K single-use vials by Gualadispensing Pharma marks a significant milestone in the evolution of packaging solutions. With a keen eye on safety, precision, and sustainability, this innovation is set to redefine standards across multiple industries, proving that thoughtful design can lead to safer, more effective outcomes for consumers and patients alike.


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