Circular economy and the focus on climate change have become topics for daily discussion and integral part of our business context.
In this scenario, Guala Dispensing is convinced that it is essential to take on an active role in the definition of the guidelines for the correct management of the value chain, from producers to consumers, to pursue shared goals: to uphold product excellence and lower environmental impact.

Products and processes
Today our product portfolio includes several platforms as a result of an ongoing evolution over time. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies as well as our designers’ expertise, we could reduce final product weight and decrease the number of components, while maintaining performance at the highest level. Using recycled raw matter allowed us to further lower our products’ environmental impact: in fact, the content of validated PCR material varies according to technical feasibility, reaching significant percentages in various trigger sprayers.

Recyclability is another key aspect in terms of sustainability: the exclusive use of polyolefins in most recent platforms allows a precise placement in the recycling stream and the optimization of plastic reuse. Guala Dispensing plant in Italy obtained the ISO14001 certification for environmental management system. Our production process is also monitored according to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) environmental indicators which fall within the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations (UNSDGs). They mainly relate to CO2 emissions, the consumption of electric energy, methane, water and the generation of waste. The constant monitoring and interpretation of such indicators will be of great help in identifying goals to further reduce environmental impact. Moreover, a photovoltaic system and a trigeneration system are already up and running in the Italian plant.

Social initiatives
Guala Dispensing plays an active role in both guaranteeing safe working conditions and creating a positive impact in the communities in which it operates.
Health and safety in the working place are our priority and are guaranteed through the application of a dedicated management system. Employees’ involvement and training are fundamental instruments for continuous improvement aiming at preventing injuries and reducing risks on the workplace.
In Italy Guala Dispensing promotes and supports cultural initiatives and provides social assistance through Fondazione SociAL. Foreign plants are active as well through the implementation of internal initiatives and the cooperation with local associations and organizations.

Next steps
Shared values of Environmental and Social Sustainability are part of a path started long ago. Our goal is to align with global standards through the adherence to ethical certifications and the continuous commitment of the HSE team to guarantee workers protection. Assessing environmental impacts cannot be only limited to the production process, it must be extended from the materials used to products’ end of life. Alternative raw materials, recyclability assessment and eco-design are just a few aspects that are under development with the increasing awareness of the role, responsibility and potential that Guala Dispensing can have in the ecological transition.

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