Committed to enforce the Circular Economy model throughout our innovative MFS (Manufacturing in Full Sustainability)

Our Environmental Approach

Always at the forefront of innovation, over the years Gualadispensing has launched six highly innovative platforms of trigger sprayers, three of them being the only ones in the market with a real pre-compression technology.
Today all our range of products can be manufactured with Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial Recycled resins. In particular they can be supplied with up to 50% of certified PCR.
Our goal is to reach 100% in the next couple of years thus dramatically reducing the environmental impact and timely meet the forthcoming regulations.
All materials, as well as all products, are assessed on a regular and continuous basis to avoid any kind of hazards and/or adverse events/effects in order to ensure the health and safety of consumers, customers and employees. To this end, we apply consistent safety standards globally and comply with all regulatory requirements. In an ongoing effort to guarantee the highest standards, we are conducting the procedure to obtain a few important certifications by H1 2020: Products Life Cycle, Self-declared Environmental Claims ISO 14021, DNV GL System certification.
But we go further than that. The Gualadispensing method applies a 360° Environmental Approach throughout the whole production process, which allowed us to gain the Environment Certification ISO 14001, and introduces the innovative MFS (Manufacturing in Full Sustainability) in our plants.
Besides using recycled resins, PCR and PIR (from internally recovered materials), we design our products focusing on the reduction in weight and volume while maintaining high performance. Moreover, with regard to aesthetics, unlike most PCR trigger sprayers available on the market which only come in black or natural grey , ours are available in a wide range of colors.
We manufacture our products with a view to reducing energy consumption by continuously monitoring and improving our equipment performance and thanks to the implementation of a co-generation plant to produce thermal energy (cold and heat) as well as electric energy from natural gas and a photovoltaic system.
We pay great attention to the whole life of our products. In fact, they are designed to be reused and, after-use, recovery modes are clearly settled. Last but not least, polyolefins can be recycled thus becoming secondary raw materials. We aim at reaching zero disposal in landfill.
Looking ahead, bioplastic materials as well as compostable or biodegradable plastics are definitely going to be the future. Gualadispensing Innovation and Technological Center is carrying out a great amount of study and research to test compatibility with a variety of formulations and with positive output.